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FindLaw search results: attorney Ernest M. Edsel

Your Google search has found these FindLaw trial and appellate cases and opinions (in both published and unpublished federal and state litigation) that involve Ernest M. Edsel as attorney of record for litigant parties:


U.S. Supreme Court, Danisha Tetreault, et. al v. Elaine Houghton, et al., No. 07-9710, filed amicus brief to forma pauperis appeal from WA Supreme Court case (no. 80613-6)(see below) and related case (no. 80725-6)(see below), writ of certiorari denied (2008); rehearing denied (2008). The brief and petition challenged the State over parental rights termination (PRT) cases in the State of WA on the constitutional grounds that WA State and a minority of other states cannot refuse to provide court-appointed attorneys to minors at PRT proceedings prosecuted by the State against indigent parents and minors.


WA State Supreme Court, Danisha Tetreault, et. al v. Elaine Houghton, et al., No. 80613-6 (2007) filed original mandamus action to compel WA appellate court judges and administrator to comply with applicable federal ADA laws protecting deaf litigant with cases before WA appellate courts.


WA State Court of Appeals, Second Division, In re Welfare of M.S.T., State v. Dale T. and Danisha T., No. 35419-5-II (2007), filed amicus brief for grandparents in parents' appeal of termination of parental rights. The brief submitted constitutional law issues (substantive and procedural) for the court's consideration.


WA State Court of Appeals, Second Division, Jane Citizen I, et al., v. Clark County Board of Commissioners, et al., 127 Wn. App. 846, 113 P.3d 501 ( 2005), filed appeal for indigent parents who sued county for providing grossly inadequate defense in parental rights termination cases.


WA State Court of Appeals, Second Division, Carla v. Siemer, No. 30630-1-II (2004), filed appeal for a tenant in real estate dispute as to whether a 12-month lease was a month-to-month lease.

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